Samsung Security Cameras

Samsung has a wide range of security cameras catering to home and business requirements of all kinds. In this article we will cover their range of security cameras. The Samsung Security cameras are gaining popularity as best choice for security cameras. They offer the following types of security cameras.

Analogue CCTV Cameras

There are many options to choose from. The variants are Dome CCTV camera systems, Full body zoom and night vision cameras.

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Dome CCTV Camera offers five options and the range starts from the basic SCD 1020R CCTV Camera to the more complex SCV 2080 CCTV Cameras.

Full body zoom Camera offers six options starting from SCB 2000 CCTV Camera to the fully loaded SCZ 3430 CCTV Cameras.

Night vision camera offers seven options starting from cost effective mini IR camera SCO-1020R to the advanced SCV 2080R CCTV Camera.

IP Full HD CCTV Cameras

The IP full HD CCTV camera from Samsung security camera offers the complete 3600 view. It allows view of number of different spots/ areas within the surveillance camera area simultaneously. They also have option of static view frames at various zoom levels so as not to miss vital footage. An interesting feature in this is the bi-directional audio.

WiseNet Lite

The latest offering from Samsung Security Camera is the WiseNet Lite series, an affordable and compact product line. The simple and essential features of WiseNet Lite are ideal for securing varying sized applications. This series have 1.3MP to 2MP Resolution, Hallway View, Motion Detection, Tampering, Audio Support, IR Viewable Length up to 65ft, Framerate maximum 30fps at all resolution, LDC, Edge Storage and Compact Design.

Apart from cameras Samsung Security Camera solutions offer digital video recorder (DVR), IP network video recorders (NVR) which can complete the entire security camera setup. The Samsun Security cameras have great hardware and good local storage options without an additional monthly subscription.

Samsung Security Cameras are used indoors, outdoors, as baby monitors. Samsung also offers multichannel camera systems. These systems are ideal for larger homes which require multiple cameras. These are also best to integrate he existing analog video security systems to the IP camera security system to keep an eye on things remotely from their smartphone.  The Hybrid systems have secure local DVR storage along with the convenience of on-the-go monitoring.  With Samsung security camera you will be spoilt for choice, so do a though study of your requirement to choose the best fit.