Hidden Cameras

Want to feel safe? Keep an eye on nanny? Don’t trust your new domestic help? Need to keep an eye on your office? All these without using the visible surveillance camera? Then a hidden doorbell camera is the answer. There are many types of hidden camera. They come in various shapes and sizes, embedded in unimaginable products making it difficult for anyone to guess that they are being watched.

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The best hidden cameras are extremely good on performance giving clear images. The cameras come with two types of recording systems. There is a choice to go with a wireless spy camera that can record hours of footage into an SD card or a spy camera with a portable digital video recorder.

First and foremost you will want to look for one with a good resolution, this will determine the picture quality. Anything above 720 pixels should be fine. Ease of retrieving the data, do you need to download the videos on your computer to view the videos or there is live streaming option on any devise through apps. View and range are equally important. You need to check if the entire area is covered in the view or some spots are left out. Range determines till what distance the camera can capture the images. The best hidden camera would meet all your requirements easily.

Top best hidden cameras

Hidden camera clock

These cameras look like ordinary digital clocks that are kept in any place at home or office. It is difficult to guess that the normal clock could be hiding a camera in it. The real time HD videos can be view on the mobiles from anywhere.

Hidden camera Photo Frame

This looks like an ordinary photo frame can be kept anywhere. The photo frame best hidden camera can capture at night to about 25 feet.

IP Hidden Camera

These are more suitable for business than for residences. More than one motion detection zones can be set up and can be monitored together.

USB Phone Charger Hidden Camera

This looks like any ordinary phone charger. Most of the phone charger cameras are plug and play and do not require any special set up. If you need to view the files all you need to do is plug the charger to your laptop and start viewing.

Outdoor Light Hidden Camera

If you are looking for security outside your home or office, then go for the outdoor light hidden camera. It looks nice and at the same time captures high definition video of all ongoing activities.

Hidden Light Bulb Camera

This gives 3600 view of the room/ area that you need under surveillance. The view ensures no unseen corner or spot.

Power Bank hidden camera

If you need to carry your spy cam with you then you can opt for the power bank hidden camera.

Hidden Camera Pen

These look and function like normal pens and at the same time do the job of spy camera with good efficiency. When you are looking for an easy to carry, handy hidden camera, the spy pen is the best choice.

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