Nikon Trailblazer 10×25: review and operational analysis

These eyeglasses deliver 10X intensification, which is perfect for stalking or examination drives. You can emphasis on substances as nearby as 10.5′ absent, up to eternity for extended distance inspecting.

By the unimportant 20mm impartial lenses, nevertheless, you should contemplate that you couldn’t get considerable turf of dream, nonetheless you truly do as you’ll conversation near in a few notes.

The Nikon Trailblazer topographies Bak4 top prisms by double layered lenses. The interpupillary coldness is 50mm to 70mm, whichever is passable for objective near any operator. The judgment cups are rotation up project, as long as equal to 10mm of judgment release for change to glasses or shades.

These frivolous opera glasses consider a meager 9.0 ounces, then the form is enclosed with tough defensive rubber-armored covering.

This customary of opera glasses is a closed-bridge project, inappropriately, so that you won’t discovery by hand receiving a firm grasp about the lens whenever you stab to save the eyeglasses from jolting in contradiction of your torso too ample.


The vigorous emphasis knob changes easily and effortlessly, if a fast variety of emphasis for rapid inspecting after 12.5′ out to perpetuity.

Inappropriately, the eyeglasses do not deliver a method to padlock the diopter modification, whichever is very luckless as how informal it is to change your diopter change whenever you are eradicating the eyepiece concealments.

From 1,200 plots, you become a 5.5 bony turf of interpretation with a 332′ turf of interpretation. These eyeglasses are inordinate for reconnaissance topography or inspecting honorable proceedings, as extended as the illumination settings are decent sufficient.

The spectacles are 100% water-resistant then fog-proof, by nitrogen-filled cavities in addition to O-ring covers. You shouldn’t necessity to apprehension near mold, fungus, or temperature hurt through these opera glasses.

Light meeting competence of these eyeglasses is quite incomplete, through a comparative illumination of just 5.3.

You resolve discovery these eyeglasses work fanciful throughout daylight times, but deeply cloudy or additional low-light circumstances would melodramatically touch your dissimilarity and lucidity.

It’s cute copious to be likely in a 20mm lens; their objective isn’t plenty crystal to pleat all the offered light.

In a nutshell:

The Nikon Trailblazer 10×25 ATB field glasses are attractive near to abiding below normal usage. The neoprene armor covering offers an outstanding sum of guard, then to bounces you a decent grasp on the eyeglasses whenever it’s dank or wet.

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