Pros and Cons of Fake Security Cameras

Apart from being that security cameras record ongoing activities, they deter potential burglars and scare them off. If your low and budget at the moment, and wish to have something to scare off burglars, fake security cameras are the way to go.  To some extent, dummy security cameras may be better than none.

Advantages of Dummy Security Cameras

1.     They Are Cheaper

The fake security cameras are relatively cheaper compared to the real cameras.  Due to their low prices, you could install your entire home with dummy cameras for the same cost as one, or two real cameras

2.     Installing Dummy Cameras Is Easy

There are no wires or route or receiver that is being connected to the camera. Generally, you mount the camera where you want it with a bunch of screws, and no other labor force is needed.

3.     They May Serve the Same Purpose of Deterring Criminals

Inexperienced buglers may not know the difference between real and fake. They will get so easily distracted by the camera that they will not bother to confirm if it is real or not. Fake security cameras are better than no security cameras.

Disadvantages of Fake Security Cameras

1.     They Are Easy To Differentiate From Real Cameras

Experienced crooks can distinguish real from the fake and they can only scare away amateur thieves. For example, the blinking red light on dummy cameras is almost never there on real cameras. Rather than deterring crooks, it may encourage them knowing that your home is safe to break in to.

2.     No Proof Because There Is No Footage Record

Dummy cameras have no servers meaning no footage. No footage means there is any proof. No footage is canceled out as any leads and it may be difficult to trace real criminals.

3.     Possible Legal Action

While it might be fine to use the dummy cameras in your homes, it may open you to legal action by using them in offices.  This because it creates a false feeling of security to employees and customers and it could cause your business to legal trouble.

4.     They Do Not Provide Ease of Mind

Even if someone breaks in there would not be any recorded footage. It adds possible psychological burden because you cannot tell if thieves are really deterred and if any break in occurs there is no proof. Sometimes it’s as good as having none.


While the deterring effect is fine, getting a more efficient security solution is better. If at the moment your budget is low, fake security cameras would work temporarily before installing real security cameras.

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