Security cameras and safety

The need

Safety is of utmost important, especially at night when you return home and need to park your car in dark garage or walk by a dark side walk. Imagine if you are sound asleep at night and hear some strange noises in the backyard, what would you do? With best outdoor motion sensor lights you just don’t have to worry. The detector senses slightest of the movement and flashes light at the spot. Now you can decide on your action by seeing what caused the sound be it an animal or an intruder.


So how does the best outdoor motion sensor light work? The motions sensors or detectors are like eyes; of course they are electronic eyes that are programmed to detect the infrared waves that are emitted by warm moving objects like cars, people and animals. When these eyes sense the infrared waves, they turn on the lights. They can be preset to stay turned on for ant duration of the time, which is usually from 1 -15 minutes. If the movement continues beyond preset time, the light continues to be turned on. A photocell is used during day time to deactivate the sensors.

A best outdoor motion sensor light can have a field of view up to 2400 and can have a range of about 70 ft. The field of view and the range are mostly adjustable.  Most sensors can detect any moving object in their rage including a passing car, a pet dog or even falling leaves. These could become nuisance. In the best outdoor motion sensor lights, the two factors can be adjusted to reduce the nuisance as much as possible.


There are many types of motions sensors available in the market. There is not only a choice in the brand and looks but also in technology used in sensor. Most work on the same principle only difference is the waves that are detected.  There are sensors that use Infrared waves, which is already discussed, apart from this there are sensors that use microwave, area reflective type, ultrasound, vibration or dual technology which combines two or more types of detection types.

As these sensor light are placed outside, their looks lend to the aesthetic of the building. The best outdoor motion sensor lights add to the external beauty of a building by highlighting prominent architectural features of the building. Most of these use LED bulbs and can be battery operated or even solar powered.

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