What type of security cameras are there?

Security cameras have become one of the most basic needs of today’s time. For business, home, school, public places, everywhere we see security surveillance nowadays. To grab every bit of a day around a place, you need a security camera.

So, if you have made a decision to installing a security surveillance for your business or home by getting a security camera, you have made a right decision? However, you might be a bit confused while selecting the best security surveillance system for business or home. For a person who is buying a security camera can have a lot of difficulties in selecting one right camera.

There are many different types of security cameras to choose from. For getting the best security camera, one should always research first and then buy the camera to be assured with maximum security and protection and can have the best features and resolutions within the budget.

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Earlier, only PTZ(Pan,tilt and zoom) and fixed cameras used to be the only types of cameras out there, but today it can get a lot more complicated. There’s a difference between the type of security cameras.

Fixed Cameras

Fixed cameras are wireless, high definition and always pointing in the intended direction. They are positioned to capture an image with day/night resolution. As it have only few moving parts, fixed cameras are more reliable than PTZ Cameras.

PTZ Cameras

PTZ Cameras have the ability to pan, tilt and zoom on a certain object. This is specially designed fixed camera which allows the operator to remotely move it. They are most effective when manually controlled. To cover higher areas, higher zoom range is helpful, but is not always needed. Greater the magnification is, smaller the area being covered. They are wireless day/night Cameras with indoor and outdoor housing.

Virtual PTZ or 360-degree camera.

This is a fixed camera which gives high resolution in a single housing. It can be a great forensic tool as it can move in all directions. With the video being recorded, images are also stitched together so you can zoom to the limit of the security camera. They are wireless high definition resolution cameras with dome housing.

The above information will highlight some of the important key features to buy a security camera. Buy a good security surveillance camera and you will never go wrong with that.

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